Theotokos "Unexpected Joy" Orthodox Church
Orthodox Church in America
Ash Grove, Missouri
Welcome to Theotokos "Unexpected Joy" Orthodox Church!


We are a parish of the Orthodox Church in America, located in Ash Grove, a small town about 20 miles from Springfield, in southwest Missouri.

Our membership is multi-ethnic, with many converts to Orthodoxy. We follow the Orthodox (Julian, or "Old") Calendar. All services are in English.

Please use this website to find out more about Orthodoxy and about our life at Unexpected Joy.

Feel free to contact our pastor, Fr. Ephraim Tauck, at (417) 942-0186 if you'd like more information.

Check the monthly calendar for the service schedule.

Come join us in worship - and share the beauty of our life in Christ!

Tithing & Charitable Giving
Services During COVID-19

Archbishop Paul has lifted all restrictions related to COVID-19.

It is no longer necessary to call or sign up before attending services.  Masks are optional.  Icons may be venerated by kissing.  The base of the challice also may be venerated by kissing.

Theotokos "Unexpected Joy" Orthodox Church


810 W. Woodbine

Ash Grove, Missouri 65604

(417) 942-0186

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