St. Porphyrios

“Our religion is perfectly and profoundly conceived. What is simple is also what is most precious. Accordingly, in your spiritual life engage in your daily contest simply, easily, and without force. The soul is sanctified and purified through the study of the Fathers, through the memorization of the psalms and of portions of Scripture, through the signing of hymns and through the repetition of the Jesus Prayer.

Devote your efforts, therefore, to these spiritual things and ignore all the other things.”

-Wounded by Love

The Widow’s Two Mites

October 6, 2022

“May my soul too become a widow, thrown off from Satan to whom it cleaved. And may my soul cast into the temple treasury two lepta (mites): the flesh and the mind, which have become weak. [Cast in] the flesh, on the one hand, through self-control, and the mind, on the other hand, through humility,…

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